Filótica PEAD

Tubos PE Filóptica


Tubos fibra óptica em PE

The FERSIL Group has developed at FIL TUBOS and FERSIL a range of HDPE (high density) pipes, with highest strength to internal pressure. They are especially designed for long-distance installation of optical fibber networks, with the introduction of the cable by high- pressure blowing techniques (up to 10 to 14 bar). They are supplied in 500 m or 1000 m coils equipped with removable plugs at both ends, which prevents animals or rubbish from entering into pipe, until the optical fibber cable is installed, thus allowing seamless installation between boxes. They are presents in colour black or orange (only in Angola), with or without orange/red, or green, or blue stripes, which serve to signal the different ducts when installed in parallel. They can be manufactured with a smooth inner wall with a perfect surface finish or with longitudinal ribs, in order to minimize friction generated by the sliding of the optical fibber cable during the blown installation process.


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