PE100 (EN1555)

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Water and Pressure sewage PE

Fersil has developed a complete range of polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings designed for water supply for human consumption and for drainage and sewerage networks under pressure.

  • FERSIL PE100 piping system, W series in black colour with blue stripes. Designed for above ground and underground water supply networks for human consumption, from the extraction point to the buildings structure.
  • FERSIL PE100 piping sytem, P series in black colour for general- waters (in irrigation or industrial systems) or black with violet stripes for regenerated water networks or black with brown stripes for pressurized drainage and sewerage networks (columns lifts, vacuum flow systems, transport under pressure and submarine outfalls) With an MRS value of 10.0 MPa (PE100), they have different pressure classes and in accordance with the requirements of the EN 12201 standard and with the existing Regulations. They are an excellent alternative when compared to traditional PVC, or concrete, or iron cast and steel piping systems due to their high strength, lower density, greater flexibility, longevity and high chemical and UV resistance.


Dimensions and quantities

110M 2PN1618013054399300
125M 2PN1618013054399301
140M 2PN1623613054399302
160M 2PN1623613054399303
110166F 1.1/2PN165618013054399310
110166F 2PN165618013054399311
125166F 1.1/2PN165818013054399312
125166F 2PN165818013054399313
140176F 1.1/2PN165317513054399314
140176F 2PN167617413054399315
160215F 1.1/2PN168423613054399316
160215F 2PN168423613054399317

Technical documents