PP-R 100 SERIE 5 (ENISO15874)

Tubo PP-R 100 | PP-R+FV

TUBOS PP-R 100 SÉRIE S5 (PN12,5)

Hot and cold waters in PP

FERSIL presents two ranges of piping systems for the distribution of hot and cold water and heating networks to improve thermal comfort, at pressures and temperatures of suitable design, for traditional installations in buildings and for industrial use.

  • A complete range of pipes and fittings in PP-R 100, in green or blue, in accordance with EN ISO 15874. Its longer service life compared to other traditional hot and cold-water piping systems is its main advantage.
  • A range of pipes in PP-R+FV, rigid multilayer, in green color, manufactured in accordance with AENOR RP 001.72 regulation and DIN 8077. Its main advantage is the reduction in thermal expansion by 75%, reducing the need to carry out expansion lyres.


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