Hidrofil PN10



Cold water with pressure PVC

FERSIL presents two ranges of PVC piping systems for the distribution of cold water under pressure in buildings, with the main advantages of an excellent mechanical resistance, versatile and ductile, which makes them easier to handle.

  • FERSIL PVC-U Pressure EN ISO 1452 is a complete range of pipes and fittings in grey colour, with sockets for adhesive jointing system. This range meets the requirements from the standard for the application area W - water supply for human consumption. It is applicable for cold water installations inside the building structure (domestic systems) with watertight and pressure resistant joints.
  • FERSIL TH is a complete range of PVC pipes in grey or blue colour, for use with PVC or brass threaded fittings. It is applicable for traditional cold water installations inside the buildings or for industrial use. This system with dimensions in inches (BSP - British standard pipe) is based on the old standard BS 3506 and is oversized in wall thickness to support the opening of threads, with suitable milling cutters. Thus ensuring extra resistance to hydrostatic pressure and greater durability. Its versatility and ease of assembly allows it to be used in almost all types of hydraulic installations with a low-cost installation technique.


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