Since 1983

is, since 1978, the leading Portuguese company in the production of pipes and fittings, in plastic materials.

It offers the market complete solutions always adjusted to the needs of each work, for building systems of water distribution, sewage, electrical and telecommunications cable conduction, for water infrastructures, from the capture to the buildings, sewage from the branch box to the Etar, for natural gas distribution infrastructures and low-consumption, drip-intensive agricultural irrigation systems.

Quality and service

Since 1997, FERSIL has been a company certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard and has all its products certified by various organisms in Portugal, Spain and France.

With an attentive and committed leadership, FERSIL has responded to the challenges of a highly competitive market, where productivity, competence and strategic vision are the pillars of its success.

The recognition of the quality of the products and services it provides is the confirmation that the business strategy it follows is correct and that it encourages the establishment of sustained and mutually beneficial partnerships with its Customers.